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Merry Christmas

I wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and stay healthy as you celebrate. The high point of last weekend was on Saturday when I was invited to lunch by Jan and his mother. Really nice to see him again and listening to him talk about being a father to two wonderful little girls. I had two physiotherapy appointments last week. I have just returned from having a long, lazy Christmas breakfast given by Jutta. Two other nice ladies were there and it was interesting listening to them talking about how they had celebrated Christmas when they were children.

Tomorrow I am going to Imre’s for what he calls ‘a Hungarian Christmas dinner’. Sounds interesting! He is a good cook and he likes to eat when he is with people. I wonder how much he will eat this time! On Boxing day I shall have ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ at the home of father Horst and son Thomas and their little dog. I got to know Horst in the Keep Fit sessions for older people some years ago. I think they just want another pair of ears to talk to = me!

Modern English: I shall close with a list of words/phrases I heard on BBC Radio 4. All came from interviews with politicians. a cleaner outcome / nett zero/ to step up to the plate / to increase up / a nailed on project / super destressed / a package of support / to hold the water line / a catch up fund / very profoundly significant / train people up.

PS: It’s snowing again. Here you can see the snow in part of my garden.