Left bed


It’s just started to snow again. It first snowed nearly a week ago then again last night. It was snowing earlier when I walked to my physiotherapy appointment. There was a break over lunchtime and then again the snow is turning everything white. I took these photos last week but the recent snow storms are much longer and heavier. It is also much colder with minus degrees at night and 2 or 3°C during the day.

Nothing special has happened since my last post. I spend more time alone because of the spread of the latest corona virus. Many people who have had two vaccinations have a code on their smartphone and show it whenever the want to enter many buildings. Mine is all on paper for an obvious reason!

Last Friday the ELTABB monthly meeting planned to take place in a Christmas Market was cancelled – for health/safety reasons. The SPD Lichtenberg Christmas meeting for elderly members, planned for next Tuesday in a local hotel, has also been cancelled, for the same reason. I am booked to go to a concert next Wednesday evening in Berlin Cathedral. I wonder if that will take place. I have no appointments this weekend so I shall find something to do when I am not reading. It all depends on the weather.  Perhaps I’ll just get on a train and go somewhere. Let’s see!