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I went to the Berliner Philharmonie last Sunday afternoon. I went with Johanna and two other nice ladies. The concert started at 4.00pm and about 80% of the seats were taken by an audience most of which were older than 65. The cold but dry weather with sunshine perhaps played a part in bringing so many to the concert hall. Everyone was controlled at each entrance and had to show evidence that they had had anti-corona injections and passed an infection test. This is becoming part of normal life here now.

The Sinfonie Orchester Berlin played, and was directed by Radek Baboräk who also played the horn. He comes from the Czech Republic from a musical family and started playing the horn as a schoolboy. Later he moved to Germany and began to make a name as a skilled musician. There were 4 pieces of music to listen to and it started wit Jean Sibelius, Finlandia Op. 26. Then we heard Mozart’s Konzert für Horn and Orchester Nr. 4. Es.Dur KV495 followed by Peter Tschaikowsky: Romeo und Julia, Fantasie Ouvertür nach Shakespeare. Then it was time for a break and the concert ended with Tschaikowsky’s Symphonie Nr. 4 f-Moll Op. 36. Lots of clapping to show that the audience had enjoyed the concert then into the early evening and off home. A really nice way to spend an afternoon.