Left bed


I had three very nice visitors on Friday afternoon. Yes, it was ‘The Boyz’ and Sis. Here is a photo of them and you can see they are clearly growing up. Bro2 was 19 a week ago and is still growing. He is now the tallest in the family. I sent them to my local supermarket to buy what they wanted to eat for a late lunch. They did just that and then we settled into sipping alcohol-free beer while Sis enjoyed some healthy orange juice. We caught up on each others news before I heard the expected words. “Opa, I’m hungry”. 

The Boyz went into the kitchen while Sis started to draw at my desk in the living room. She has a talent for shape and colours and just relaxed as she drew an ‘abstract’ image of what I guess is an ice cream-lollypop with lots of colours and internal shapes. Then it was time to eat. They enjoyed the food and cleared all the plates.

Later we relaxed and talked about many things including school-college and The Boyz plans after their studies. And so the day moved into early evening and it got darker. They said their goodbyes and headed home with a box of chocolates I had bought for them to share with their parents. I really enjoyed seeing them again.

The weather here is clearly moving into autumn and the trees are shedding leaves. Here is a photo of the main tree opposite my balcony. You can clearly see the change in colour and now it only has half the leaves you can see in this photo. At least we are enjoying cool days but with lots of sunshine and blue skies – without rain!