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October 2021 Things

We are clearly moving into early autumn in Berlin. Leaves dropping from trees and it gets darker earlier in the evening. On Friday 1st October, Thorsten arrived in the afternoon with a USB Video Camera and installed it as I watched with an open mouth. Amazing the skills some people have. He installed it on my desktop computer in the living room. In the kitchen I have my laptop and recently had problems to connect to Zoom meetings, hence installing the camera on my desktop. He checked that the microphone worked okay and then the job was done. I just need to learn how to use it !! After, we sipped a drop of ‘Red Medicine’ as we talked about changes to equipment in the ever growing ‘computer world’.

Who has a Birthday in October? My nephew Andrew in west Yorkshire will be 44 on the 5th, followed by nephew Warren who will be 45 on the 12th. Back in Berlin ‘Broz2’ will be 19 on the 13th. Back to south-west England to greet my sister Frances who will be 75 on the 14th. Back in Berlin Falk from my ‘Mugglesee-Gang’ has his birthday on the 15th. My neighbour Marita will be 71 on the 21st. Over in west Yorkshire Dianne will be 75 on the 27th. On the 28th, ‘Sis’ will be 12 years old and celebrate with her family in Berlin. Over to London and we find Tanja will be 57 on the 31st and so she ends this birthday month. Happy Birthday to each and all no matter where you are 🙂