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September 2021 Things

I have another Physio appointment this afternoon at 2:15. Then rush home to greet two old friends who decided it was time we met. I expect lots of talk as they relax with Kaffee und Kuchen. On Friday I’m meeting Johanna and Martina for a ride to Straussee to the east of Berlin. Its one of my favourite areas. We’ll also have lunch there, perhaps at a restaurant overlooking the lake. When I arrive home I shall meet another two old friends who I haven’t seen since the start of the Covid pandemic. They said they will take me to a local restaurant. I accepted their offer. Looks like Friday will be a day of eating for me! I have two Zoom meetings over the weekend and so starts my September.

Who has a birthday in September?    Lynne starts the birthday month with her 74th today over in ‘Casland’ with  Alan. I wish I could be there with them. Arancha will celebrate her 37th with Jan and daughters over in Den Haag on the 6th. She is followed by Andrea here in Berlin who will be 36 on the 8th. I’m travelling to her home next day for the second day of celebrations. Gabi over in Bremen will be 55 on the 11th. Nephew Stephan over in Cambridge will be 51 on the 22nd. Robert Gast here in Berlin will be 43 on the 23rd and Sylvana follows that with her 61st on the 25th. Back to Cambridge where Stephan’s father, Lew, will celebrate another birthday on the 27th. Here in Berlin Sylke will celebrate her 50th birthday on the 28th. My nephew Jefferson will celebrate being 48 on the 29th with his family at their home in the south-west of England. Have a great day no matter where you are!