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August 2021 Things

Still confusion about conditions for flying to the UK and flying back. I thought I had understood the regulations then I heard of more changes in the news yesterday evening. I am going to my local travel agency nest week to see what the current conditions are. I also need to talk to family and friends to see if they will be at home in August. No point in flying there to find them all gone away on holiday. Still enjoying the sun on my balcony in a morning while reading another book. My diary for August shows many of the same things for July. I shall take more trips out into the countryside and shall go on a short bike ride to test myself after having two falls. Just need to clean the bike. In a few hours I shall be going to Johanna’s to meet some of the Ko-Gang and have a meal and chat together. Looking forward to that!

Who has a birthday in August? Shirley in Florida starts us off with her 82nd on the 1 August. I have happy memories of staying there a few years ago and we still keep in contact. Martina from my Ko-Gang will be 73 on the 19th and sure to celebrate with her family. Angelika in Berlin will be 69 on the 25th followed by my sister, Pauline in Cambridge who will be 77 on the 26th. Friend Dieter over in Jüterbog will also be 77 but on the 27th. The month ends with my wonderful Jan who will be 38 on the 28th and celebrate with his family at their new house on the Netherland coast. Happy Birthday no matter where you are!