Left bed


I’ve had a quiet week. Spent a lot of time in ‘isolation’, as usual, and enjoying the morning sun on my balcony while reading my current book. The weather here was generally warm and sunny. Very different from the storms that caused much damage and more than 150 deaths in the west of Germany. Frau Merkel is visiting the area today. The German President was there yesterday. Back in Berlin, there were a couple of changes. On Tuesday evening there was a meeting of Labour Berlin in the garden of a restaurant in the centre. Members had to sit distanced from each other and wear a mask, but it was the first such meeting in a long time. The same happened on Wednesday evening when SPD members of the local party met in person, in a garden and with distance and masks. Again, it was the first time in ages that we met in person and not via Zoom. Now back to the rest of this quiet Sunday. Where did I put my book?