Left bed

A Book

I opened my door yesterday and found a package on my mat. I opened it to discover a book. There was no indication of who had sent it, but I am sure I know who sent it – he lives in Singapore at the moment! It has 917 pages, lots of photos, diagrams and maps. I settled onto my balcony this morning to enjoy the sun and opened the book. I can hardly put it down. The opening sentences clearly reveal the approach of the author:

“This is a book about how Britain fought, endured and won a total war, what it cost (and to whom) and how the country emerged into a much changed world a very different place —  it combines military, political, economic and social history to help explain not only why events took the course they did, but how they were represented and understood at the time.”  I found it difficult to put it down so I could have lunch. I’m really looking forward to reading more.

More Footie : You probably know by now that the English football team won 4:0 against Ukraine in Rome yesterday. I was surprised at the result and am sure I am not the only person. The English team is playing better than expected at the beginning of the games. I hope they continue to win, starting with a game on Wednesday in Wembley against Denmark. I shall be watching!