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July 2021 Things

I am sure I was not the only person to get a shock yesterday evening. Yes, the football match between England and Germany. By the end of the first half there were no goals, but I felt Germany would score in the second half. Big mistake: England improved their game and ended with a 2:0 win. I think a lot of the English fans present at Wembley were also surprised, but they certainly cheered a lot. I read that 27 million Brits watched the game. A new record! The next game for England is on Saturday. I shall be watching.

Who has a birthday in July? Laura Bolton in Yorkshire starts us off with her 23rd birthday on the 1st July. Back in Berlin, Jutta Müller will celebrate her 73rd on Friday 2nd July. I have been invited to her Birthday Breakfast and am looking forward to that. Back to my family to find Krystle in Yorkshire celebrating her 36th with family on the 8th. And so ends the short list of birthdays in July. Happy Birthday to all no matter where you live!