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If you live in the Berlin area and have nothing better to do at 9.00 pm, then switch your TV on and open the ZDF channel. You will be just in time to see the start of another football match. This time between England and Scotland. The game is being played in Wembley Stadium in London. I wonder who will win. Meanwhile, nip out to a shop and get some beers into the fridge ready for the start of the match. Happy Footie!

UPDATE: The result was a draw at 0-0. On the radio this morning I heard that 22 million people in the UK watched the match. Amazing! There was also a number of spits including some from the nose. Yuk!  I noted that it was raining during the match. Very different from the weather here. We’ve had 35-37°C during this week. Today I had 39°C on my balcony. Phew – warra scorcher!!