Left bed


We have now moved from warm to hot here. I even had 32°C on my balcony yesterday. Now it is ‘only’ 30°c! The west and south of Germany have had bad storms while we in the north-east have been basking in sunshine. I’ve delayed booking flights to England at the moment. Lots of problems with new coronavirus strains in the UK,  and decision by the German government to have all UK passengers arriving in Germany to spend 10 days in confinement in a hotel and having to pay for that. Perhapy I’ll have more luck in July.

I’ve recently been collecting more ‘modern’ English. It can also be called ‘verbal rubbish’ All came from interviews with people broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Some of them were even ministers! How about these – a window of time/ legs over time/ unwellness/ goodness/ hungriness/ a slip-back/ to downtalk/ to upskill someone/ to do an issue/ to be actioned/ a culture of watchfulness/ ridership. If you are learning English, please do not learn this rubbish! Thanks.