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June 2021 Things

The sun is shining in a blue sky with no clouds and it is 22°C outside. At last a summer day has appeared but the forecast is for it to be cooler in the next few days. I spent an hour on my balcony in the sun this morning. I only get sun there until mid-day but it was nice to relax in the sun and read a new book. It is a history of the working class movements in Germany, focussed on changes in Berlin.

Tomorrow I shall be teaching a small group of ladies over 70, and all have had 2 anti-coronavirus jabs. I know all the ladies and it will be nice to see them again and listen to them talk about life since the coronavirus reached Berlin. I notice that the ‘Indian’ variation is spreading in the north of England. The German government has

placed a ‘lockdown’ on visiters from England and the news today is that the UK government is  considering ending their plan to lift lockdowns from 20 June. This will really ‘screw up’ my plans to fly to England in mid-June. I shall have to wait to see what happens as we move into July.

I have many Zoom meetings this month starting with three this weekend. The big event this week for me is to watch Germany play Denmark at football on Wednesday evening. I think it is the last championship game for the German trainer. Of course you know I shall be cheering the German team!

Who has a birthday in June? Nicholas Bolton over in Yorkshire starts us off with his big day on the 3rd followed by Teresa Payerle in Berlin on the 23rd. And  that is it for June! Happy Birthday to both.

There are a couple of other memorable days. Peter Hartstein who was in my Mugglesee Gand died on the 5th in 2014.  Jürgen in Jüterbog died on the 11th in 2017. On the 19th my father would be 109 and my mother 103 – they shared the same birthday. Finally, Hermann would be celebrating his 84th on the 25th except for a heart attack that robbed us from celebrating his big day. You are dearly missed.