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Word play

I’ve just packed my birthday cards into a file. I enjoyed reading them again but felt sad as I packed them away. Some of them used ‘word play’ to create a joke and/or make the reader smile. Here is an example sent by Neil and Barbara from Sussex in the UK. The card reads ‘A-Gin Process’ and has two nice smiley glasses of G&T. This is a word play on ‘ageing process’! It really makes me smile so I am going to leave it on my desk for a bit longer!

Nothing special since my last post. How often have I written those words since coronavirus arrived. Again the main thing is contact via zoom. For example last weekend I had 3 such meetings and I had an interesting one yesterday evening. It was a Labour International meeting hosted by the Paris/NE France group with Clive Lewis as the main speaker/guest. He is a labour MP and was a candidate for leader of the party. I was impressed by his style of discussion and by the questions members put to him.

This evening at 6.oo pm I shall be tuning in for a LI meeting sponsored by the Italy and Malta members. The topic is ‘The local election results’. Should be interesting to hear what members have to say about that. Next Sunday I have two zoom meetings and so this is how we meet and talk to each other without being in the same room. Can’t wait until all the covid restrictions are ended but with the outbreak of new variants we have no idea when this will be. Keep smiling 🙂