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Why do male professional footballers spit so much when they play? I can’t remember seeing any female players spitting as they play. I ask this question because yesterday evening I watched Dortmund play Leipzig for  the Champions Cup. As the camera moved in and out to the players all you could see was spitting after they had run to try to score a goal. I wonder if Dr. Freud has an explanation! Dortmund won 4:1.

Another quiet week with mixed weather and meetings via Zoom. I have another 4 scheduled for this weekend. In one of the meetings a young man from England spoke and every third word was ‘like’ in addition to ‘er’, ‘well, er like er`, ‘yer know er like er’. I wonder where his generation is taking the English language ….. like!

Let’s see what kind of Blah, Blah I heard on BBC Radio 4 news and interviews. Here goes: they’ll wokify it/ to build back better/ an overspend/ to speed each other out/ to action forward/ a slow uptick/ to bring a stepchange/ it made it more in your face/ to twin track someone/ to grow the workforce/ to work an issue/ is this low hanging fruit?/ a go to person/ a lack of cut through/ our roadmap to open up/ to operationalise.

If you are learning English please do not learn this rubbish. Have fun and stay healthy.