Left bed


Strange weather here for the start of May. Cold and grey with gusts of wind and sometimes with heavy rainfall. Look at this photo of the sky I took last week – the trees have a lot more leaves now. The forecast is for warmer weather from next Sunday. Pity it is not today. I braved the weather earlier then quickly ran home when it started raining and the wind increased. I’ll try later for I have to go to the Post Office.

More demos in Berlin. Traditional ones for 1st May and others opposing the coronavirus lockdown measures. They seem to be increasing as more people tire of the measures. I get information from watching local TV news which regularly report on such demos. I had a couple of online Zoom meetings and I have invitations to attend another 6 during May. Nothing special for the rest of the week and next week = stay at home – keep warm and healthy and don’t go out without a mask. It must be the same where you live.