Left bed


In the back garden there are a number of large as well as schrubs and small trees. A very large tree grows near to the table and benches we use in summer for tea/coffee meetings – and a glass or two. All the trees are growing little leaves at the moment and some birds visit the garden to find twigs, then fly away to build nests.

A couple of crows built a nest and Lady Crow spends more time in it. Lord Crow flies about a lot finding food and bringing it back to the nest. I wonder how long it will be before he has to bring even more food to the nest to feed the chicks. From my balcony I can hear them chirping to each other but so far no baby chirps. Can’t be long now.

Nothing special so far this week. The painters are working on the stairways and make a lot of noise, mainly from a loud radio playing pop songs – in English!! – but they only speak to each other in ‘Berlinisch’.