Left bed


Nothing special since my last post. Mon.Tues.Wed stayed at home. This was partly a result of better weather and sunshine in the morning. I retired to my balcony with a book. Really nice to feel the sun on my skin again. I even took off my shirt and enjoyed sun on my upperbody. I only get the sun on my balcony until 1.00pm. If I want longer I have to move into the garden and try to fall asleep in the sun!

I started a new book. Here is a photo. I was given it some time ago. You can see the author’s name at the top and I translate the title as follows: “How was it really? Childhood and Youth in the 3rd Reich.” Although born with an aristocratic name, he lived with his parents, grandfather, and two uncles in a very small house in the south-east of Germany near to what is now the Czech border. He describes growing up in poverty and contrasts this with documents detailing the expansion of the then German state and preparations for war. It is really interesting how he contrasts the two. He also uses simple German so I can read his book without having to look in a dictionary.

On Thursday I met two nice ladies for lunch which this time only lasted for 4 hours! On Friday afternoon I met Johanna and we went to the next district to an opticians. You have to make an appointment now and only 2 people are allowed into the shop at any time – all because of corona virus. I have to wait for an e-mail telling me when to go there again for my new glasses. After that I went for a haircut at a barbers just opposite the optician. I got a nice short haircut – ideal for warmer weather. I met Johanna again yesterday afternoon for tea at my place then a gentle walk into a local park. Later this evening I have a meeting on Zoom. Next week I have no meetings so far. The sun is shining now so I’m off into the garden – with my book!