Left bed


Daniel arrived yesterday afternoon looking fit and healthy. He does training at home for all the keep-fit gyms are closed here. He brought his laptop and papers he needed to write his CV in English. He needed two forms. First a CV in the form of a date table and the second as a text document. We worked from his CVs in German and my CVSs also in German and translated them. He certainly knows how to handle his laptop and the keyboard is in the Russian language – but then he likes speaking Russian. I wish I could!

We started work on writing the CV as a time table. He typed in the information with ease and then I printed it out. He was happy with the result so we started the CV as a text. Again smooth and easy input into his laptop and then read it out loud. Very good and showed off his talents and abilities.

Then he pulled something out of his rucksack and gave it to me. It was a bottle of Kvint, which is a kind of whiskey made in Moldova. I like it and if you get the chance, have a glass and enjoy its subtle blend of tastes. My bottle says it is Aged 10 Years and comes from the Tiraspol Winery and Distillery and aged in oak barrels which gives it a long-lasting and soft aftertaste. I’m sure there are not many such bottles in Berlin so I shall open it on a special occasion. Thanks Daniel!