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More Words

I got some calls from people wanting to know more about the books I mentioned in my last post. I did that then looked on my bookshelves and found two more I could have included. Here are some details. The first is: “The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion”, by Jonathan Haidt. He is an academic at a USA university and has many posts on the internet. The second is:”What Do We Really Know? The Big Questions of Philosophy”, by Simon Blackburn. He is a Prof. at a number of USA universities and author of a number of books.  Have fun reading them as well as the books from yesterdays post.

I can also recomend books and articles by two famous writers on the subject of God and Religion. The first is Richard Dawkins and the second is Christopher Hitchens. Perhaps you have heard of them.

Talking of words, I have a number from what I could say is ‘New Rubbish English’. All from BBC Radio 4 interviews. Here goes – the upfront/ the direction of travel/ to deliver a job/ to deplatform/ wiggleroom/ an opportunity cost/ a dosage issue/ a howling void/ aupplies are lumpy/  a thrombosis event/ a road map to freedom/ digging into a hobby/ massmarketised. Thats enough of rubbish for today. Enjoy your Easter Sunday with family and/or friends!