Left bed


Main event of the past week was having Jab No.1 yesterday afternoon. Our local government pays for a taxi to take you to the injection centre nearest to where you live, and then a taxi to take you home. I went with Johanna for she has more experience of the procedure. The taxi arrived on time and I was happy to settle into a back seat in a large Mercedes. Very comfortable! We got there early and joined a queue of ‘oldies’ as we shuffled into the building. First thing was to have all my paperwork checked then sit in a waiting room until called to a doctor. My doctor was very pleasant and efficient. I hardly noticed the jab entering my upper left arm. It was all over in a few minutes. Then we were asked to wait in a hall for at least 10 minutes. Into the taxi and got home with no pain or problems. My appointment for Jab-2 is on the morning of the 16th April.

Other things in the week was meeting Johanna to get help with form filling and other paperwork plus a couple of evenings watching the German football team on TV. Some new younger players in the team but they played well and won both games. In a short time I will be joining a Labour International meeting on Zoom. The topic is Brexit and the EU with two guest speakers. It should be interesting to hear their views and that of members who all live in the EU as they share their post-Brexit experiences. On Sunday I shall be joining the same organisation via Zoom again, but this time to take part in the AGM. Weather not good here but should get warmer over the next few days. Have a nice weekend.