Left bed


No big changes in Berlin since my last post. Spring is struggling to emerge from the embrace of winter but we have had two days of sunshine and blue skies. More please! I decided to share with you the special offer for Aldi this Friday. Here is a photo of their advertisement and the marmalade and scones I bought this morning. I’m going back to Aldi on Friday for that is when they have a wider range of ‘British’ products for sale. They are even offering a bag of ‘Fish ‘n Chips’. When I read that my eyes really opened!

More Modern English to end this post: I really wonder where native speakers on the island are taking the language. All of them heard on BBC Radio 4. Try these —

To put the issue to bed/ wiggleroom/ a nation state actor/ overpromising/ to drive an effort/ a weather window/ to engage with business/ it is do-able/ in the coming future/  we haven’t got contact tracing/ to re-trigger the economy/ it needs calling out/ slow in activation/ to grow a shop/ to overpromise/ to distangle/ they can’t cut the mustard/ to nuance a decision/ to stall out/ localism/ to make a nobrainer/ a road map of hope/ a sling point/ an actionable idea/ the uplift/ up the work ladder/ to earn back/ we are on the same page/ to switch away/