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Oldie Presents

Another week almost over with no big changes to normal life. Germany went into ‘lockdown’ from Wednesday. Wearing a mask when you go onto the street is now mandatory. M any shops have had to close. Two nice  things happened during the week. On Tuesday the doorbell rang and someone from the local SPD stood in front of my door. He said he was visiting all the constituency ‘oldie’ members to give each a present. With that he handed me a large calender and a bag. He didn’t come into the flat and left when I had the presents. What a nice surprise that was.

In my post was a letter from some women in the local council social services for seniors department. They asked me to go to a community centre on Wednesday. They said I had been selected to receive a gift because of my age and periodic contact to their department. They said they were pleased to give me a bag with presents inside. It was covered so I could not see what was there. I then went to my bank and to Aldi before returning home. There, I opened the bag and was surprised to see a lot of cakes, chocolates, biscuits. You can see them in one of the photos.

We ‘Oldies’ who received such a bag can ‘pig out’ on the high sugar contents over Christmas – or share them with friends and family. I didn’t know that such gifts were given away to Oldies for Christmas. Perhaps I’ll get more for Christmas 2021!