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I’ve had a quiet week. Nothing special and my only contact with people is when I go shopping, to the bank or post office. All wear face masks and keep a distance to others. More shops have security at the entrance and limit the number of people who can enter. The government announced yesterday much stronger measures from Wednesday until mid-January.  The number of infections and deaths per day is rising – as it is in the UK.

The other news dominating TV and radio is Brexit negotiations. Lots of ups and downs and speculation if an agreement can be reached. Reports today indicate a little softening of positions. Meanwhile the street parties and markets are closing and so the number of people buying wurst will decrease. Wurst means sausage and of course they are very popular here. Many people people buy them from market stalls when they go shopping and just wander through the streets munching on a wurst. Here is what they look like. A very populat wurst comes from the state of Thuringa. That is the only one I eat! All for now. Stay happy and healthy.