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December 2020 Things

Tomorrow takes us into the last month of the year. Stronger measures are being introduced against the spread of the coronavirus. Some people here demonstrate on the street without masks or other protection. They say the rules and controls are against their basic human rights. I wonder if they would say the same if they got the virus?

Looking at my diary I see less activity than normal this month. Concerts and meetings have been cancelled and those remaining are on Zoom. This Friday will be a sad day. I am attending Gerald’s funeral in the local graveyard. He suffered a lot towards the end of his life but remained a clever and intelligent person. You will be missed, Gerald!

Who has a birthday in December?  Michael Nixdorf starts with his 56th birthday on the 5th. We used to work together in Marzahn but that was many years ago. Stefan Block hits 60 on the 7th. Stefan was the head of my Photoshop Group before becoming directer of the project. Evie will be 12 on the 18th. Turning into a young lady. Julie Bolton in Yorkshire will be 46 on the 20th. She shares the day with Thomas in Berlin who will be all of 60. Also in Berlin, Bro1 will be 20 on the 24th. What a Christmas Present he must have been! Moving to the 28th we find Neil Dickinson will be 74 and celebrating at home near Brighton. He shares the day with Stefan Schöneberg who will be 37 and sure to celebrate with his lady at their house north of Berlin. Finally, we go all the way to Sydney in Australia to wish Ian Maxwell a happy 61st on the 30th. Happy Birthday to each and all no matter where you are!