Left bed


I spent last Saturday afternoon with my Kowalke-Gang. Three of them live in the same block so it is not difficult to meet up. This time Martina was the host and prepared a delicious lunch of chicken breast, rice, potatoes and redcabbage. There was red and white wine on offer. I sipped white wine with the chicken. This was followed by a pudding and then lots more chat until the clock showed it was time for ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ which went down with more talking. Earlier I had received a package from Ian in Sydney. I guessed it was to show sympathy for my accident. When Johanna saw it she thought it would contain wines from Australia. She asked me to bring it to the Ko-Gang lunch so opening  it could be shared with others. I did just that. I got behind my camera and here you can see the result. Big surprise was that it was not wine but a bottle of Irish Whiskey. Fortunately we had enough wine so didn’t open it. Ian wrote ‘Gute Besserung! and ‘Schöne Grüße’ which was very nice of him. ‘Schöne Grüße’ to you Ian and thanks for my present. I’m sure Johanna and I will sip it with a cup of tea as the days lengthen and it gets colder.

On returning home that evening I put on my TV. I am a fan of the national football team and enjoyed their game. They won 3:1 against Ukraine but I thought the Ukraine team played very well, particularly in the first half of the game. And so ended a very pleasant day. Next day was a lazy one for me. Mainly reading.