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Guess What

Guess what I did yesterday afternoon? The short answer is nothing but that’s not completely true – its a ‘Trumpism’! I turned on my TV at 2.00 pm – which is something I almost never do. I tuned into BBC World Service News to see what was happing in the USA election. The BBC had a team of five reporters in different locations and they were all women. The presentation was very good and I watched it for longer than I planned. I’ve just read The Guardian internet page and it reports that Joe Biden appears to have a short lead. Let’s wait and see.

Meanwhile, Germany announced a 4 week Lockdown starting Tuesday. The UK has one starting today. It seems that most EU countries have Lockdowns now. I went to my bank yesterday but was very careful about contact and now wear rubber gloves when I am out and then throw them away when I get home plus lots of handwashing. I also spend more time at home either on the computer or reading books. I’ve read a number including German grammar books. Surprising how much I have forgotten.

Pity that it is not summer for I could then sit in the garden, read my books and get a tan! Even so, the weather is good at the moment as you can see from the photo of my garden. As I write we have cloudless blue sky and sunshine, but only 10°C. Now back to my book!