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November 2020 Things

Looking at my diary for November I can see many of my routine things but nothing special. The big news here is that Berlin is going into a 4 week ‘Lockdown’ from Monday. This is the first time here and reflects the increase in corona 19 in the last couple of weeks I noted that my local supermarket had sold out of toilet and other household paper and now there is a warning that only one roll per customer will be allowed.  The locals call this ‘Hampster Shopping’.

The other local big news is that the new airport is being opened today. What a scandal and joke. It is billions of euro over budget and about 9 years too late! Local people say it should have been given to a Chinese building company who would have done it in less that two years and on budget.  Perhaps you will read about it in your local news – or see it on your local TV. We are heading into a nice weather weekend so I am sure lots of locals will set off on walks before the rains return. Enjoy your weekend.

Who has a birthday in November? 

Daniel starts us off with his 24th on the 2nd of November. Jeff over in Amsterdam will be 65 on the 19th, Sarah Cooper over in London will celebrate her 60th on the 22nd. Back in Berlin, we find Stephen Seitz will be 63 on the 29th and so ends our birthday month. Happy Birthday no matter where you are!