Left bed

Quiche and Things

It’s been a busy week since my last post. Last Friday I  didn’t go to Kerstin’s Keep Fit Gang. I think you know why. Instead I went shopping with Johanna and at a very slow pace. I couldn’t bend my left leg but managed to drag it along. We went to our local market and there I bought some fresh eggs from a farmer. Very nice and I always buy from his stall. On Saturday morning Daniel visited. He decided I needed help to clean the flat and  then we went shopping for food at my local supermarket. He said he would come once a week to do any housework or shopping that needed  to be done. How can you say no to such a kind offer! I then met my Ko-Gang at Johanna’s for a late lunch.

I mentioned that I like Quiche so she offered to make one. Here you can see the result.
We drank white wine with it and chatted the afternoon away. This photo was taken then to show progress in healing. I spent Sunday alone with my book and computer and dozed off twice as the evenings got darker. On Monday, Thorsten did some work on my computer although he was not in Berlin. The things you can do from a distance with a computer these days! He’s going to show me when we meet next Monday at my place.

On Tuesday I met my Oldie Gangs and on Wednesday went to a hospital. I’ve been having treatment there for skin problems for over a year. This time the Doc was pleased to note some progress but she still gave me more cream for my face. I have to make another appointment next January for a check-up. In the afternoon I met Johanna and we decided it was time to reduce my Gin ‘n Tonic store. We only managed two glasses but at least we made an attempt! Tomorrow I am going to Kerstin’s Oldie Keep Fit Gang. I shall see how much I can do compared to pre-accident time. In the afternoon Daniel is arriving to sort out my place and tidy it up before we write a shopping list.

Special Thoughts

Today is a special day for me. My mother died on Sunday 29th October 1967 in Keighley General Hospital at 6 pm. I had visited her and left the hospital half an hour earlier. She was only 48 and it happened 53 years ago today. I have spent the day thinking about her and how our relationship changed over the years after I moved away. She wrote letters to me about her life and I promised I would never reveal the content to the family. I destroyed the letters after her funeral but I still remember what she wrote. I wonder how my life would have been different had she lived.