Left bed


In the last post I told you that I also hit my knees and they bled a lot into my jeans.  I washed them.  They are now as clean as when I bought them and there is no trace of blood. Tomorrow I shall wash all the bed linen for  there are blood marks all over. I damaged both knees in the fall and they are still wrapped in bandages. I also damaged the muscles and tendons at the back of my neck. Don’t ask me how that all happened.

I went to my doctor’s on Monday morning. He is used to seeing many things but even he stared at the wounds. He gave me a paper to take to my local hospital and said I had to go without delay. I read a key word on his prescription and translated it to mean bruises in English. He wanted me to have a full check up and see if the fall had bruised my brain. I went into the emergency entrance and within 10 minutes I was told to wait for 2 doctors.  Both were women and they clearly knew what questions to ask.

All this took time and I got hungry. In fact I was there for over 5 hours. The next building had a canteen so I told reception where I was going. They agreed. Nice big place and I enjoyed the food on offer. I returned to be told to wait for another doctor. I eventually got a 6 page report about my health which I shall take to my doc tomorrow. I’ve had problems to sleep mainly due to pains in my neck. I now sleep sitting up supported by pillows. I can’t lie flat – perhaps it is only a question of time. Meanwhile, you take care when you go for a walk and keep away from large wobbly stones!