Left bed


Yesterday started well and ended not so well. I slept late and slowly got into the day. A thicker jumper for it is getting cooler here. For example: today is rainy and only 10°C. And so with warmer clothes I set off for Schöneiche. It is a small town to the east of Berlin and just inside Land Brandenburg. Take an S-Bahn in the direction of Erkner. Two stops before then get out at station Rahnsdorf. Very nice area with lots of greenery.

I then walked across the road and took Strassenbahn 87 for one stop. I got out and started walking north. I took a few wrong turns but local people were friendly and put me back in the right direction. I finally arrived at Harald’s home. He was entertaining the Muggle-See Gang. I have talked about them before and posted photos and reports about day trips with them on my blog. We celebrated being a Gang for 27 years. They arrived with lots of home-made cakes and nice liquids then we settled down to catch up on news.

It was finally time to say goodbye and we planned our next meeting for the beginning of January. Harald decided to walk to the Strassenbahn station with me. As the Bahn was about to arrive, it happened! I fell onto the pavement and hit it with my left side. Here you can see the damage on the photo. My left leg was also damaged and bled a lot. I got into the Bahn with a collection of tissues to soak up the blood. On my way home a number of people asked me if they could do anything to help. Nice of  them! I finally got home and went to bed. This morning I noticed blood on the sheets and pillow cases. I’ll wash them tomorrow before I go to my Doctor’s.