Left bed


I’m still learning how to write my blog using this new platform. I tried to add photos on Monday but I could not upload them from my laptop. I use my laptop for nearly all additions to the blog. I hoped that Thorsten would turn up on Monday to show me what I was not doing right. Unfortunately, he didn’t arrive which I take to mean he had to do something else in his job. Perhaps next Monday. Meanwhile, I think I shall just have to experiment myself.

The weather here is very mixed. Today the sun is shining and we have a grey-blue sky. Yesterday was cloudy and cool. I notice the trees in the garden are shedding more leaves and others are turning brown. Classic signs that autumn is on the march. Given the expansion of Corona-19 in the UK, I have decided not to try to fly there. Even so it is difficult to find a place on the coast here. Either booked out or closed because of the virus. Now to nicer things.

I had visitors on Sunday. Yes, The Boyz rang the bell and came in. It was great to see them and they looked so well. It is a number of weeks since we last met. They now speak to me in English. Both need that language for their future careers and both now study in colleges where they also have to use English part of the time. They made tea and started to munch on cakes and snacks as they got my video player to work. The wanted to relax and watch a video so I told them to do just that. You can see the video they selected in the photo. Great to see them looking so well and I’m looking forward to our next meeting.