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Blogspot has changed the way I can write a post. Sure to make mistakes but here goes!
Due to coronavirus I am spending more time at home and reading more. I’ve just started the books you can see here. The one by Axel Hacke I got from Holger, who is a member of a writing club near to Bremen, where he lives. Hacke wrote short stories about his daily life for a newspaper and this is a collection of his stories. He includes jokes and comments on the things that happen each day.

The book is called ‘The best out of my life: My daily life as a man’.

I don’t know where I got the other book from but it is very interesting. It is called’ Discover and Understand – 2 – History book for high school students in Lower Saxony. I like how history is presented then the students are asked questions to check comprehension. It also has lots of coloured pictures. It begins with the King of Britain and Parliament in 1600 and ends with European imperialism leading to the First World War. Certainly a big choice of things to read as I hide from a virus. Stay healthy!