Left bed


I’ve had a ‘normal’ week of nothing unusual. My spare time I spend on the balcony reading the book about the East India Company. It really is a true work of academic research and writing. For example: I am in the 1700s and reading about the continual wars between different Mughal, Marathi, Afghani kings and rulers etc. I did not know there was such continual wars and bloodshed.

My week had two special events. The first was on Tuesday when I went to Rahnsdorf to join in the celebrations for Angelika’s birthday. I have talked about her before so she is no stranger. She is now retired. She was a viola player in an orchestra in Berlin for many years. Most of her guests were musicians who I had met before. I really like the family house – it also has a swimming bath in the garden. See the photo. It is near to Muggelsee  in the east of Berlin and one of my favourite areas.

The second special event was a visit from Dr. Peter on Friday afternoon. He is a lecturer in economics at Potsdam university. He is also part of Jan’s old school gang which I am happy to say still meets each year. Peter was visiting his mother here in Berlin and helping her with all the paperwork following the death of his father. It was great to relax with him and hear all his news. He only speaks English with me, but that is not a problem for he studied at a university in  the USA some years ago. He looks very fit for he told me he goes to the gym regularly for training. Keep it up Peter!