Left bed


I had another accident this morning. I set off for ‘ Kerstin’s Keep Fit Class for Seniors’ as usual on a Friday morning. I had to go on a bus for the tram is suspended until the end of the year due to road works. As I approached the bus it started to leave, then it stopped so I ran to get on it. The doors opened and I stepped in. Ouchhhhh…..I hit my right leg on the metal bottom  of the entrance.

I could feel the pain but found a seat and then looked at my leg. Blood was pouring into my sock. A women said she would take me to a local chemist’s for treatment. She did just that and there an assistant cleaned the wound and put a bandage on it. I was told to go home and put my leg up and relax for the rest of the day. The people were very nice.

I set off for home then decided to have a haircut. There is a new(ish) salon near my S-Bahn so I went in. Only had to wait a few minutes and then a young man got into action on my head. I told him I wanted a ‘summer short cut’. He nodded, smiled and got to work with his shears. He did a good job and I left feeling better with what could be called a ‘crew cut’.

I got home and relaxed on my balcony by reading a book. I felt very sleepy and have done for the rest of the day. I think it must be a reaction to the accident. The wound is near to where I had my bicycle accident wound. Why do I have such accidents ?