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I went to Oranienburg with Imre yesterday. Where is it? Get your map out.Put your finger on the centre of Berlin and move it slowly to the north then to the west and you will find it. Imre said he had been there before in the GDR with his family, but I could not remember ever visiting the town. A very nice area in the State of Brandenburg.
The big attraction now is Schloss Oranienburg. It is also known for the museum which shows pictures of the Royal Family over generations, and the paintings and textile wall coverings. It is the oldest baroque palace complex in Brandenburg. It was built from 1651 for Electress Louise Henriette of Orange-Nassau, the first wife of the ‘Great Elector’ Frederick William. She came from The Netherlands from an area called Oranien and so brought the connection to Netherlands to the Schloss and name of the town.
We went there on the S-Bahn which provides a regular service. We then walked towards the Schloss. We found a Greek restaurant so Imre decided it was time for lunch and I had to go to the toilet! He ordered a large fresh salad and fruit juice. Here you can see a photo of him enjoying lunch. We then resumed our walk and arrived at the Schloss.
We got tickets to see the museum section. Very interesting, and worth a visit. We then went to the Schloss Restaurant. I was hungry so I ordered a fish dish for lunch. Imre stared at it and I wondered if he would attack it with his fork. He didn’t because I gave him the salad and he munched on that as I finished lunch.  Some lazy local walks, then back to the station and the journey back to Berlin. A really nice day and I would like to go there again to see more of the town and learn about its history.