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To Schloss F

I went to Bad Freienwalde with Johanna on Saturday. She got an invitation to attend a book reading at Schloss Freienwalde and asked me to go with her. It only took a second to agree! I can hear you asking where it is. Take out your map and put your finger on the centre of Berlin. Now move it north and then to the east in the direction of the Polish border. There you have found Bad Freienwalde.

I can remember driving through it many times and many years ago as I set off for a holiday in Poland. This time we travelled there by local train and bus. Very relaxing as we went through  green fields and woods. We finally found the Schloss and entered for the reading. It was built in 1798 for the widow of Friedrich Wilhelm II and she spent summers there.

The reading was by Leonhard Horowski and from his new book, which he was there to promote. He spoke very quickly, which was a good test for me to try and follow his presentation. Here you can see the invitation and details of the event. He talked about The Europe of the Kings during the 17th and 18th centuries. After that, we found a very nice cafe on the way to the bus station. Then back to Berlin. We decided to repeat the visit for the Schloss has a permanent presentation of the life of Walther Rathenau. More of that later.