Left bed


Imre came to visit last Saturday.As usual, he had his i-pad so was able to go online. He explained how to use Skype and then we did a test run from his pad to my laptop. It worked. We were able to communicate via Skype even though he was sitting next to me!

We then left for a restaurant for lunch. Imre was hungry. We ended up at my local Italian restaurant sitting outside. Yes, it was warm enough – a bit like today. I ordered a pasta dish with salmon and vegetables. Imre also ordered a pasta dish but based on spaghetti. As usual, he scanned my plate and said it looked good. He ended up eating half of my dish – no surprise there! He talked throughout the meal and then back at my place.

We settled onto the balcony and he told me more about future plans with his lady. He then talked about learning English at the British Council School here in Berlin. That is where we met. He talked and I listened as he recounted his learning adventures including some visits to the UK to language schools. It was then time to enjoy coffee and cake. I had bought some raspberry cake with cream so Imre tucked into a slice while recounting more learning adventures. A very pleasant day – with or without cake!