Left bed


Two beards came to visit me a few days ago. Yes, it was ‘The Boyz’. School holidays had started so they had the time and just wanted to visit their Opa 🙂 From the photo you can see they now have beards although of different shapes and sizes. Bro1 has the more conventional full face beard. Bro2 has it in sections. There is his sideboard section and his chin beard and his thick mustache, but he is now the tallest in the family – and still growing! I suggested I remove my chin beard but they insisted it had to stay. They asked how I could possibly be their Opa without a beard. I gave in and kept it.

Bro1 wanted to use my computer and printer. I agreed and he found the pages he needed to apply for a grant to continue to study from next September. He then printed out all 8 pages and went to sleep on the sofa. Bro2 was in another room working on his school English and a book I had given him. It soon became clear that he did not understand the basic tense system and that the teacher in the school didn’t teach that. After a snack, Bro1 went back to sleep and Bro2 tried to understand Present Progressive Tense. It was not easy for him – but then it is not easy for Germans for Progressive Tenses do not exist in German. It was nice to spend time with them and try to help. I wonder if they will notice that I have removed my beard when they next visit?