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More Twaddle

I’m having a lazy day. The sun is shining and I have spent some time on the balcony with my book. I’ve also listened to BBC Radio 4 news and other programmes from which I have recorded More Twaddle.  Here it is to make you smile – and wonder where the speakers are taking the language.

Something to tilt for / I hear the picture you are painting / I made that moment happen / to litigate an issue / to bubble with someone / to form a social bubble / the lossing of a friend / I weept (said by a US Academic Prof.)  / many governments are frozen in their headlights / many of these musics / it matters massively / he was a scrapbooker / a window of time / there has been an uptick / to listen back / it’s a good busy / to hold  the governments feet to the fire  (I didn’t know a government had feet!!!/ lockstep / things getting to the back up and running (The last two were said by a BBC Reporter in a recent news broadcast.