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Not Forgotten

I was recently thumbing through my diary and then noticed a list of people who sadly died. You know I write a monthly list of people with birthdays. Now is my Not Forgotten List.
My brother-in-law Geoff died at 3.00 pm on the 31st May two years ago. Peter Hartstein was in my Mugglesee Gang and died on the 5th June 2014. I visited him in hospital in Berlin a few days before.  Jürgen died on the 11th June in 2017. He was a larger than life character which is what you need if you are to be a well known actor. My father Patrick and mother Joyce shared the same birthday. On the 19th June my father would have been 108 and my mother 102. Back to Berlin and Herman would have been 83 on the 25th June. They are not forgotten.