Left bed


Yesterday there was a storm that lasted into the night. It came with thunder and lots of lightening. I read later that over 700 lightening flashes came in the first two hours. Just before the storm arrived I had set off for a walk to get a bit of exercise. I didn’t have an umbrella. I heard the distant rumble of thunder moving in from the east and thought it would make a noise and move on.

A mistake! I continued on my walk and the rumbles got louder – but no rain. I continued to walk. Then the rain came. Slowly at first then more, so I turned back. I arrived home dripping from the rain so it was clothes into the washing machine as I ran through the shower and put on new clothes.

That was very different from Friday evening and sitting in the garden. Some of my Ko Gang wanted to enjoy supper there. They brought the food and I washed the seats and table and provided a bottle of my favourite Spanish sekt. We started our evening with this. The weather was warm  with blue skies. Perfect weather for supper in the garden. Thank goodness we did it then and not one day later.