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Eating can by nice or not – depending on what is on the plate! I met my Muggelsee Gang last Saturday near Bernau. They had done a 36 kilometre bicycle ride. I hadn’t due to leg problems and healing after my bicycle accident. Instead, I took the local train and then I was picked up at the station.

Lots of catching up on news as the grill cooked a number of things. Mainly sausages and steaks. I enjoyed a delicious potato salad. Here you can see most of the Mug Gang tucking in to a well deserved late lunch after their cycling tour.

Last Monday was a public holiday with nice weather. I met my Kowalke Gang for a long and tasty lunch. I had fish with Spargel, as you can see from the photo. We started with a fine bottle of sekt from Hungary and then settled into white or red wine depending on the food. Very tasty and we enjoyed sipping more wine as we relaxed post food and talked about anything and everything.

In a short time I shall take an S-Bahn to a suburb east of Berlin and there I shall join my Ko Gang again. This time to celebrate a special birthday. One of the Gang is 80 today but she looks and acts much younger. On the plate there will be a range of cakes with tea or coffee. Looking forward to more eating. Keep chewing!