Left bed


I went on a walk a few days ago with Johanna. She wanted to visit Kreuzberg, which is an inner district of Berlin. As Berlin expanded in the late 1800s, a canal and small lake was constructed which ended in Kreuzberg. The canal was destroyed by bombing in WW2 and the small lake was later linked to underground water and the area became a popular one for walks ending at the lake. A bar – restaurant was also built. Perfect for the end of a walk!

You can see the lake here and a shot of me enjoying a light lunch at the restaurant. A very nice excursion. I’m meeting Johanna again on Thursday to enjoy another walk but this time in our area.

This morning I had an appointment in a department of a local hospital. I now have all the X-Rays taken of my back and pelvis. The Doc. took me through all the images and explained what they meant.

The 3rd,4th,5th discs in my lower spine have collapsed into each other and my spine is no longer straight where it should be. This is causing pressure on the left of my pelvic bone. That is why I am having problems to walk as quickly as I did and to cycle as I did. I asked him why and he said there is no clear answer and that it had little to do with my age. The reshaping of these bones causes pain in the lower left part of my back and left leg. I have to go for treatment during the next 6 weeks. The Doc also said I had to do more walking.

One result is that I can’t join my Muggelsee Gang for our summer bicycle tour on Saturday. Instead, I shall take the train to Bernau and meet another member  who will take me to the family house and garden where I shall meet the gang at the end of their tour. Then we shall have a traditional ‘wurst’ and beer evening with some singing. Looking forward to that and to doing more walking with Johanna. I also hope to get back into cycling for I have always enjoyed that. I’ll get there step be step!