Left bed


Bro1 is very happy. He visited me last Saturday – as arranged. I asked him if he needed to use my laptop to do any college work. He said ‘No’. He just wanted to ‘chillen’ and watch a DVD. As a first step he went to the local store to buy some food. On his return I told him to go onto the balcony and close his eyes. He did just that and here is the result.

You can see by the big smile that he was more than happy. Some posts ago I said The Boyz needed a laptop to go online and pick up study material sent by their respective schools/colleges. Thorsten responded by saying he knew of someone with a laptop in the cellar. He rescued it, added different progammes and arrived at my place with it last Friday.  Good timing!

Bro1 quickly started to explore his new laptop. It did not take long for him to work through the programmes and see how they worked. After that, he started to cook and just before the food was ready, Bro2 rang the bell. He was also very happy with the laptop and asked if he could have one. I told him to be patient. I  think Thorsten has found another one but it will be a surprise for Bro2.

After eating they went to watch a DVD. They like one with lots of action. I opened the door later to find the DVD still playing but both of them asleep on the sofa. At least they were smiling! Big thanks to Thorsten for making Bro1 so happy.