Left bed


I’m okay and spending most of my days at home. I read a lot and fortunately I have a garden so can walk around it without being a risk to anyone. I’ve had some nice telephone calls from friends and so we keep up-to-date with events and how we are. Friday is a public holiday in Berlin. It is to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of WW 2. The document was signed in what is now a museum in the area where I live. Many commemorative events have been cancelled or reduced because of the threat from coronavirus.

Being at home means I can watch TV more  (which I don’t) and listen to the radio via my WLAN radio. I still listen to Radio 4 news from which I collect modern ‘Blah-blah’ or ‘Twaddle’ spoken by politicians and anyone else interviewed who cannot speak English properly and/or don’t know what they really want to say. Here is my latest collection:

We are massively ramping up…/ (Boris Johnson on BBC Radio 4 news) the crises is really ramping up / to overthink it /  to interface with customers / super spreaders / a guardian angel cover / a joined up approach / a big upswing of growth / to weaponize a virus / to offshore to other countries / a triple bottom line / he had misspoke / to make a big ask of people / to step-down a service / to unlock down / it has been a big ask.
If you are learning English please do not learn such rubbish. Stay happy and healthy everyone!
Update: “PM is talking rubbish – complete word salad”.