Left bed


Yesterday started with reading my book in the sun on my balcony and ended with a lot of pain. I put the book away as Imre rang the bell and entered my flat at just after 11.00 am as arranged. He came on bicycle No. 1 and with Smartphone No. 3 which has two cameras. He likes it! He settled down to talk as he sipped fresh orange juice and chewed some cake. I listened to his latest news. He had not brought anything for a picnic so I made some sandwiches and we set off for a local park to enjoy the weather.

There were a lot of families with young children playing on the grass area reserved for them. We found a seat in the sun and relaxed. See photo of Imre. We then decided to continue into another area of the park and took a track to get there. That was a big mistake! I cycled in front of Imre and went on a path with lots of tree roots. One of them twisted my wheel and I fell off my bike. I skidded to a halt on my right side then noticed pain in my right leg as Imre arrived to get me back on my feet.

I lifted the right leg of my jeans to see lots of blood and a wound. It was on my lower leg and square. I could see that the fall had torn the skin to the bottom of the wound. Fortunately I had tissues so started to mop the blood. I sat down for about 10 minutes to try to stop the flow of blood. It took many tissues to do so then the blood changed into a watery discharge – strange! We finally got back to my place and I put a proper bandage onto the wound.

Imre was very supportive and I am grateful for his help. We decided to have the picnic in my kitchen. I got even more of Imre’s news and opinions and was grateful not to be alone. Imre then left. We both agreed that the bicycle ride had not ended as we planned! This morning I went to my Dr. He dressed the wound and gave me 3 prescriptions for bandages and medicine. Here you can see some of these. I will not show you a photo of the wound. Not very nice. Ow!