Left bed


I’ve had a very lazy day. I woke early, turned over and went back to sleep. I woke again at 10.00 am and started a day just for me = no appointments. After my usual breakfast of tea and a slice of fruit bread, I settled onto my balcony with a book. I’m reading a book published in 1955, which is a collection of short stories written by 35 American writers. It is ‘political’ of its time. I’m sure I shall post more about the book as I read on. I took a break early afternoon to cook a light lunch then back to the book and balcony. Nice to sit in the fresh air even when wearing a warm coat.

Yesterday morning I went to a specialist section of my local hospital. I had the third and final injection into my lower back. I also got an appointment with the doctor in mid-May to discuss the treatment and if I need more – or different treatment. I have an appointment with another hospital in May for dry, flaky skin problems. Some friends say it is all part of my reaction to allergies. I really do not know anymore. Allergy reaction is very bad at the moment but I don’t know if it has anything to do with skin problems.

Last weekend (Easter) I got a nice call from a couple telling me to open my door in 5 minutes. I did just that and they stood back but reached out to give me a present. It was a homemade Rabbit made from cake. The first time I have ever been given such an Easter present. It was ideal with a cup of tea or coffee.  On Easter Sunday I met a couple of my Ko-Gang for a relaxing lunch. Here you can see what we ate. It was leg of lamb with potatoes and green beans. It was followed by raspberry and cream with crushed biscuit dessert. Again, new for me but very tasty!