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More Essentials

Wearing a face mask when you go out is becoming an essential for more people around the world. On the radio I heard that some governments are considering it a legal requirement until further notice. I now wear one whenever I go out and some of my friends say it makes me look better. Ha, ha, ha –very funny!

I’ve decided to buy another one but at least a size larger. I also wear gloves when I go out. I now have a box containing 100 gloves to be worn only once. Travelling around Berlin you notice a big difference and I am sure it is not only here. Much of the public transport system has been reduced and less people use it. There are also less cars on the roads. Yesterday we had a nice sunny day so people went into parks to enjoy the greenery, flowers and lakes. Most kept the required distance.

I got another essential when I went shopping for Easter things in my local supermarket. I noticed shoppers pushing trolleys with toilet rolls in plastic covers. I went to the section and was surprised to see 6 such packages of toilet rolls. It did not take long for the number to be 5! There were signs saying that only 1 per customer was allowed and this is controlled at the checkout. I hope you are managing to get your essentials. Have a nice Easter Monday with your family.