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The Essentials

I’m okay and hope you are. My allergies are aggressive at the moment. There are 5 trees in the garden and all on my allergy list. They are ‘blooming’ at the moment so I go through lots of sneezing and nose blowing. Like you, I spend most of my day at home with the windows and doors closed. When I go out, mainly shopping, I wear a mask and gloves and disinfectant my hands when I enter/leave my local supermarket and chemist’s.

What have I done since my last post? Last Tuesday I went to the Radiologie for another scan. The result is on a disc and I have to give it to my specialist doctor at my next meeting which is 25th May. Long waiting periods here. Perhaps its the same where you live. I then went to Johanna’s birthday lunch party. Next day was an appointment at the hospital for another injection to my lower back.

Last Sunday I went on a bicycle ride with Johanna. Nice to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunny weather.  The last three days have been quiet and I have stayed at home. Tomorrow I am meeting Johanna for another bicycle ride. On Easter Friday, I am meeting some of the Ko-Gang for breakfast at Jutta’s. It is a tradition. On Saturday I shall take flowers to Birgit’s grave and on Easter Sunday I am meeting the Ko-Gang again for a special lunch.

Talking of food, here is a photo of me eating a traditional German meal. Very tasty. Johanna took it when we ended a walk and went to a restaurant. Now that is not possible. All restaurants are closed. I think you know why and it is the same in many other countries. Finally, I got this photo of G&T from Ian and Birgit. They said it was ‘back-up’ in this time of shortage! In addition to food, clearly another essential as we move to warmer times 🙂